How to Improve Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth can be embarrassing. Although some people have naturally yellow teeth, others can develop yellowing over time as a result of stains or thinning enamel. The yellow color can leave your teeth looking dirty or unhealthy, and no matter what you do or how often you brush, your teeth continue to look yellow.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

1. Worn enamel – Enamel can become worn as a result of age, aggressive brushing, or a diet high in acidic foods and drinks. Once the enamel is worn, the darker dentin layer becomes more visible, causing teeth to look yellow or discolored.

2. Aging – As you age, teeth can develop tiny cracks and fissures, which absorb stains more easily. Enamel can also become thin and worn, which causes teeth to look darker.

3. Tobacco use – Nicotine can stain everything it contacts, including your teeth and gums, leaving them dark, yellow, brown, and discolored.

4. Poor dental hygiene – Not brushing and flossing properly allow plaque and tartar to accumulate. These substances are sticky and tend to hold onto stain-causing debris.

5. Dietary habits – Dietary habits are a major cause of stains. Cola, wine, coffee, tea, energy drinks, juice, and similar staining food and drink can leave their mark on your teeth.

Addressing these issues can help reduce the amount of yellowing you experience, but it might not be enough to reverse the staining that has already occurred. Teeth whitening can help restore the natural white color of your teeth. Whitening treatments use peroxide to break up stains into smaller particles, which leaves your teeth looking noticeably brighter.

Professional-strength whitening treatments can lighten teeth as much as eight to ten shades in a single appointment. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lozada.

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