5 Facts about braces that you should know | If you are considering straightening your teeth

If you are thinking if braces are for you, your child or anyone you know, it’s important to know some of the basic facts about braces. Now here is a list which contains some of the most relevant information that you should know about braces:

1. In general braces need two steps to work

Orthodontic appliances like braces use pressure to align or fix teeth over a period of time. The duration of having braces is usually one to three years, but the average length of treatment is for two years. This still depends on the case or the teeth condition of the patient.

The innovation on braces have sped up the treatment time over the years. There had been many researches and studies as to how braces can properly fix and align the teeth.

The wires used for braces nowadays are stronger than the ones used before which is why it lasts longer than old wires. Since that is the case, patients only need to see the orthodontist every six to eight weeks and not that often so it does not interfere with their daily activities… and that is a real benefit for busy people.

clear brackets for aesthetics
clear brackets for aesthetics

2. There are several ways to treat malocclusion… and braces is one of them.

Malocclusion is also known as “bad bite” when the teeth are straight with just enough space in between, the back molars meet in such a way to permit thorough chewing and the top teeth slightly overlap the bottom teeth, then you have an ideal bite. Those who do not have this ideal teeth alignment usually prefer orthodontics treatment or braces for correction.

There can be many effects of misaligned teeth. The teeth of this person may appear unattractive and may also affect how the person speaks, bites and chew. Therefore it can also affect the emotional aspect of the person and not only the physical. I have seen in many occasions that this actually led to low self-esteem due to his/her appearance.

Most people prefer to have orthodontic treatment to fix their physical appearance but orthodontists require orthodontic treatment for the person’s dental health. Straightening the teeth can help the person fix their oral activities and having a beautiful smile is just its side effect.

3. There is a variety of issues that can cause bad bites

Some bad bites are caused by habits or actions such as sucking the thumb or fingers. In some cases caused by inheritance or genetics. Since there are various causes, there are no bad bites that are exactly alike.

Children should have their first orthodontist check-up not later than age seven, according to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Orthodontists can already detect if there are current or developing problems because at this age, there is already enough permanent teeth that an accurate assessment can be done. This could also inform the parents of problems that may occur, thus preventing further damage.

4. For many patients braces are their choice of treatment

What are braces? Braces are made up of tiny brackets glued to teeth and thin wires, called archwires, which sit in slots of brackets. The ones that move the teeth are the archwires. Your dentist adjust them from time to time to guide the teeth and jaws into their ideal positions. The ones who hold the wires into position are the brackets. There are metal and ceramic brackets but the metal brackets are usually used. Those who want their braces to be less noticeable prefer the ceramic brackets. But of course, the orthodontist will still confirm if your bracket of choice will get you to your desired final results.

5. When the orthodontic treatment (braces) ends, most patients get retainers

Most dentists suggest that the patient wears retainers full-time for the first several months after the braces were taken off. They may also suggest the patient to wear it nightly after that. Wearing retainers after having braces are important because they help hold the teeth in place while the new bone forms around it.

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