Different Options for Dental Implants

If you have suffered the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, either by injury or lack of proper oral care, it is likely you will need to receive a dental implant. A dental implant consists of two parts. The first is a screw-like device that is inserted into the jaw bone, and the second is the abutment, made to look like the part of a tooth that you can see, which is usually capped with a crown or similar covering, for protection.

The following are different option for dental implants:

• Single tooth: an implant for a single tooth is usually placed and completed over the course of two to three visits. During the first visit, Dr. Lozada, dental implants dentist in Lancaster, will assess the situation and make an imaging of your teeth. The second visit is when the implant will be inserted into your jaw bone, after which several months are required for it to integrate and heal. When the healing process is done, you will then return for placement of the abutment and crown.

• Multiple teeth: dental implants for multiple teeth are used when one or more teeth are missing side-by-side. The process is very similar to the one used for replacing a single tooth, however our dentist may choose to use a dental bridge instead of, or as well as, a dental implant.

• All teeth: if you are missing all of your teeth and have chosen not to get dentures, the process may take more visits. After the insertion of the implant into your jaw bone, you may receive temporary implants while they heal. During your last visit, you will receive any individually custom made implants, as well as crowns and/or bridges.

Alternative techniques include same day implants, mini implants, and all-on-four implants.

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