Gum Bacteria Growing a Day, Keeps Your Partner Away

Bleeding and puffy looking gums. Does this sound familiar? You might be one of the 4.7 million Americans suffering from gum disease called periodontal bacteria.

Dr Lozada uses laser technology for tooth whitening

A periodontal bacterium in its early stage is called gingivitis. As it progress to Periodontitis, it damages the soft tissue and the bone that supports your tooth. A lot of perio-patients don’t realize early on they’re carrying the disease.

Catching this too late could cause other infections, making it longer to cure.

Not even a mouthwash with 99.9% alcohol killing germ bacteria could rinse this out.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Tooth bleeding1. Gum redness.

2. Inflamed gums look puffy and swollen.

3. Bleeding gums is highly a sign of gum disease which could lead to bad breathe event after flossing or brushing your teeth.

4. Tooth movement. If your teeth are moving when it’s not supposed to – it’s time to visit Dr. Randy at Pinnacle Peak Dental Center.

5. Receding gums. When you start noticing your gums getting lower and lower from the tooth, it could be a sign of gum disease.

What happens when gum disease go untreated?

Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss, coronary heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, stroke, and even respiratory problems. You might be wondering ‘how can one tooth affect the entire body system?’ Well, it’s simple.

This can be spread by bacteria found on the tartar or hardened dental plaque, which could travel through the arteries leading to the heart.

Keep in mind, gum disease currently doesn’t have a cure-from-home solution. Visit one of our offices, Pinnacle Peak Dental Center serves Newhall, Lancaster, and Los Angeles on Santa Monica Blvd. to find out more about how to fight the bacteria.

Eliminate plaque build-up by developing good oral hygiene like steering clear from smoking or poor diet.

Call (661) 799 3920 for more inquiries about fighting gum disease.

Guest Blog post by: Lianne Ting Linkedin

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