Is That Wisdom Tooth Bothering you?

Wisdom teeth extractions are really a pain in the behind. I remember when mine was really bugging me when I was young. This type of tooth extraction really vary from person to person. The majority of patients, however, come with symptoms of impacted third molars… which only means that your wisdom tooth is buried underneath your gums or at least partially. This happens when the entire tooth, or part of the tooth has not erupted from the gums as the rest of your teeth. You may not be able to see where the wisdom teeth at all in some cases. Dental oral surgery can be difficult no matter what type of tooth extraction you receive. We will gladly answer your “wisdom tooth” questions.

while you wait to call us

  • Take some over the counter painkillers to ease the pain.
  • Mouthwash and hold it for a few seconds if you can.
  • Go to your dentist at the first opportunity

Technology Use for wisdom tooth extractions

  • CT Scan of the Jaw for a 3-D view of the affected area
  • Comfort external X-ray for a better diagnosis
  • Local anesthetics to easy the pain immediately

Chances are you can not cure the tooth problem at home, only ease the pain from it. Please keep in mind that these tips are in no way intended to substitute professional dental care and are provided for emergency  purposes only to help alleviate your  tooth-ache or pain until you see your dentist.

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