Orthodontics for children and Adults

Relax, Mom. Most children won’t need braces until all their permanent teeth are out, but there are some few exceptions with some kids, and yours may be one of them. The American Dental Association wants children to have an orthodontic consultation around age 7 in order to rule out certain growth issues or correct some oral hygiene or dental habits being developed by the child.  At Pinnacle Peak Dental Center we will give you a free consultation to asses any condition and if your child is ready for braces, in addition, we’ll tell you if your child may be a good candidate benefiting from early braces or a full ortho treatment.

…and if you are an adult with some crowding or misalign teeth, don’t worry. Technology now is very geared towards adults. and there are many options from aesthetic-fast pace braces to full orthodontic treatment. We will explain all this at your free consultation appointment.

Most common children’s orthodontic TREATMENT options

  • Observation: Sometimes we would like to see how your child’s dentition is developing. Therefore, the best option decision is later diagnosed.
  • Phase One Braces: I will attach a few brackets on certain teeth only because some of the adult dentition still on its way. This phase helps with the prevention of anything that could possibly harm or worsen a now teenage kid.
  • Palatal or lingual expanders: Sometime we need to make room for the new adult dentition, so they can align correctly… we will discuss all these or more options available if so fit the case of your child.


  1. Invisalign
  2. Ceramic or metal brackets – and if you like colors… we have them.
  3. In office and Laboratory manufactured appliances
  4. 3D scan of the jaw for better view and diagnosis


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